Gun Banners of Oz

Sebastian reports on our friends Down Under wanting more gun control. Seems they can’t get enough of it. Probably stay up into the night dreaming of total prohibition. Wonder if there’s even Gun Ban Porn…? “Oooh, you’re such a big gun banner.” “I banned twenty guns in one day, baby.” “Rowr! Take me now, you

Arms and the Woman, Part Seven

Israeli gals. Buying ice cream. Wait a minute! Aren’t those evil black rifles they’re carrying? Gee, they must be mentally unstable, according to Joe “I Wrote Gun Ban Laws Before Anyone Else Did, Including Jesus” Biden. Only the mentally unstable carrying evil black rifles. And buy ice cream. (H/T: SayUncle)

On HR297

I also agree with Alphecca and Clayton Cramer regarding HR297. Two more points regarding this bill. HR297 is introduced as A Bill To improve the National Instant Criminal Background Check System then goes on to say: and for other purposes. Excuse me? Why “and for other purposes”? I thought it was simply to improve the