Hollywood and Gun Control

Uncle reported on this Richard Cohen op-ed which referred to the “Marshall Dillon Rule”:

Marshal Dillon had the same policy for cowboys when they rode into Dodge: They had to surrender their guns.

The Marshal Dillon Rule is based on common sense, not to mention the law of averages: The more guns you have, the greater the chance they will be used.

Hmm. Seems the creators and writers of Gunsmoke wanted to promote winning Old West fights sans guns.

That’s a new one to me, but okay. Cohen probably knows something I don’t.

Then I ran across this piece on The Rifleman. Seems they had a different idea about winning Old West fights.

Guess Hollywood’s been exploring the gun issue for quite some time and I’ve been too wrapped up in the escapades of John McClane, Lara Croft, Selene the Death Dealer, and Frank “The Punisher” Castle to notice.

I know, I know. Bowling for Columbine looked at the gun issue. But that was a propaganda film a documentary.

I’m talking “movies.”

It looks like Hollywood continues its exploration in the upcoming Jodie Foster flick The Brave One.

I’m curious to see what the movie’s take will be.

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