Time Out

The Madman Raves will be taking some time off for the next few weeks. Aside from Life and Home starting to take up a decent amount of time recently, I will also be getting married in October and that has its own share of Things To Get Done–six weeks until The Date and there’s lots

ATF Info-Sharing

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but don’t they already do that in the course of an investigation? Is this some new development I missed reading about? Because as you read the story, it sounds like this process is somehow on the cutting-edge, that prior investigative and tracing techniques were operating back in the

They Did What?

You’ve gotta be kidding, right? Propaganda? PSH? Or both? I say “both.” (H/T: Uncle) UPDATE: For the uninitiated, the woman is holding two unfired rounds. If these did indeed hit her house, they weren’t fired from a gun. Maybe someone threw them at her house. Really hard. I would’ve expected the reporter–or at least the